Hey there!

I'm Danka Ha

I’m a Product Manager, UX Researcher, and Marketing Professional who has contributed to the success of products and brands in consumer and enterprise industries.

My multilingual and multicultural background makes me a very adaptive, versatile and collaborative person.

I love learning. When I'm not digging into new tools or getting lost in personal growth content, you'll find me taking courses on project management. I value productivity and get excited about technology that helps make our everyday more efficient.

My Career so far

I am currently pursuing a Master of Digital Media at the Centre for Digital Media, where I am act as a Product and Project manager, working on clients' project and personal passion project Circle for Business.
Previously, I was with Facebook, where I helped organizations build a more connected workplace and Infinto, where I built & marketed products that provide support for everyday financial needs. I also helped popularize Coc Coc – Vietnam’s second biggest web browser with 20+ million monthly active users.

My experience at Facebook was pivotal in me realizing how much of a positive impact a great product can make. While helping companies to connect better, I was inspired to eventually start developing such products myself.

Product Management
UX Research
Market Analysis
Project Management
Product Marketing
Marketing Strategy

Get in touch with me

I’m currently available for full-time opportunities. Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to chat some time!

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